About Us

Marketing and Sales organizations often view each other from opposite sides of the fence, sometimes with disdain, other times with complete bewilderment and misguided expectations regarding the "other’s" purpose.

Loewy Marketing helps facilitate synergy between marketing and sales organizations. We help maximize the efforts of each organization, to reach business goals and profitability while building brand equity.

The firm’s goal is to intimately know your business, your marketing objectives, and your customers. Clients have come to rely on our strategic expertise, high-end creative, and dedicated account service. Services span the full lifecycle of the marketing process, from planning and research through creative execution of fully integrated tactical support programs.

About Jack Loewy

Jack B. Loewy has over 25 years experience in marketing consulting and marketing communications. Loewy began his marketing career as an export consultant for the State of Illinois, where he traveled extensively in Central and South America and Eastern and Western Europe promoting Illinois manufactured products.


In a nutshell, we create communications that solve problems. We provide both marketing guidance and execution. If there is confusion, we create harmony. If there is a need, we create desire. If there is lack of knowledge, we create understanding. If there is potential, we create opportunity. We do it one client at a time, one question at a time, one answer at a time. Here’s a list of some of the things we can do for you:

Launch a new company or product
Strengthen the value of your brand
Uncover new marketing opportunities
Maximize synergies between your Marketing and Sales Departments
Manage the internal communication between your IT Department and Business Units
Uncover truths about your customers and their motivations
Audit your current communications to identify areas for improvement
Drive sales!

Clients says

Jack B Loewy Marketing Consultants is focused on results. That's our commitment to every account and every project. But you don't have to take our word for it. Explore the links below to see what clients have to say (and awards judges!)

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Right On Target!

Loewy's team provided the resources to help us meet our communication challenges head on. Their perspective as outside consultants is refreshing, and their programs are right on target.

Rich Koeller

Cheif Information Officer

On Budget!

With Loewy's unique approach to problem solving, we consistently get results that are creative and on budget -- a rare thing in today's market.

Thomas Schifano

Managing Partner


While other consultants try to mold us to their way of doing things, Loewy Marketing fits seamlessly into our organization. They have built solid relationships with our people, and the programs they develop are effective and work within our corporate culture.

Sheleen Quish Fryer

Chief Information Officer

Build a Unique Value!

In a commodity driven market like health care, the strength of your brand is vital. Loewy Marketing helped us build a unique value proposition that made us stand out from the competition.

Keli Bennett

Director of Marketing

Best solutions!

Loewy Marketing has the ability to quickly assess a problem and deliver effective solutions. Most consulting firms are not this nimble.

Kathy Wiljanen

President and CEO

The Crystal Award of Excellence!

The Crystal Award of Excellence (9 times) Sponsored by The Communicator Awards For clients: Xpedior/IBM Alliance; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois; Nissan Motor Corporation; The Breeders’ Cup Gala